My Consistant Constant



Don’t you find it frustrating when people prove not to be keepers of their word? Have you ever met that one person who is ever making promises yet never follows through? How about those you’ve found yourself having to depend on that seem to consistently prove the scripture that says,  “Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint.” true ?[i]

But a thought of how consistent God is in all of His ways brought to memory a poem He gave me almost 10 years ago just to glorify and appreciate Him.  As I reflected back then on how He has always proven to consistently be my constant.[ii] , the words just began to flow.  And I would like to share it with you today. I pray that you enjoy and that it ministers to you.


In a life full of inconsistencies, the one thing constant I have is You.

You are a constant friend,

A constant companion,

A constant lover,

A constant savior,

A constant way maker

A constant provider

A constant healer

A constant helper

A constant restorer

A constant Redeemer

A constant keeper,

A constant preserver

A constant sustainer

A constant counselor

A constant Father

My Constant God!

It is your constant that keeps me consistent.

Consistently hoping in You

Consistently trusting in You

Consistently desiring to please You

Consistently Loving You

Consistently longing for You

Thank You for being my constant, and for keeping me consistent.





[i] Proverbs 25:19

[ii] Hebrews 13:8



Here’s a couple of questions for all the married sisters out there…not the newlyweds, but those who have been in the trenches of holy matrimony for several years.  Do you love that man the way you loved him when you first said “I Do”?  Do you still find yourself fondly thinking of him every moment of every hour of every day?  When you think of him, do you feel as if you need to do whatever you possibly can to please him because you are so madly, crazy, head-over-heels in love with him?  Or are you simply going through the motions because of the vows you made way back when?

Ok, my married brothers, now it’s your turn.  Do you still crave your wife like you did when you first pursued her?  Does your heart still flutter in anticipation like it did as you went down to one knee to pop the question?  Or are you just going through “daily rituals” out of a sense of obligation because you feel like your life is on “lock-down” to your proverbial ball and chain?

Now, let’s flip the script and ask yourself this question:  If you still had that passionate,  OMG crazy love for your spouse, how would it make you feel if he/she, although obligated to you, no longer loves you the way you love him/her? 

I couldn’t even imagine how deep that hurt would be.  I’m sure the first thing that would creep into my psyche is insecurity.  I’d begin to wonder if his faithfulness would last.  I’d probably ask myself if he would eventually drift so far away that he would ultimately turn his back on me altogether, in spite of his knowledge of just how much I love him.

Now picture how Jesus felt as he confronted the church of Ephesus[1].  This part of His bride that He loved so dearly, is the same part that only served Him out of obligation.  The love was no longer mutual. Today, He is still feeling the pain of so many of us who have lost our First Love.  Continue reading “LOVE ME LIKE YOU LOVED ME”



Lord, let me walk in Your newness

Let me feel Your touch

Let me see Your glory

Let me embrace Your love

Let me fellowship with Your suffering

Let me be in You and You in me like Christ

Let my eyes touch Your face

Let my ears touch Your heart

Let my lips touch Your nostrils with the sweet aroma of worship

Let me be free

          to draw my mind to Your habitation

          to draw my spirit to Your breath of life

          to draw my body to the cross

          to entwine my love to Yours

Breathe anew into my spirit

Quicken my spirit

Revive my spirit

Rekindle my spirit

Refresh our communion

There I want to abide evermore


          In the bosom of Your love

          In the warm embrace of Your sOnshine

          In the transparency of Your mercy

          In the glow of Your grace

i 1 2 b lyk U            I want to be like You.                   I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU!

Make me over into Your perfect image

          The Image of Your Son

          The image of your Glory

          The image of Your Perfection

I kiss You with the kisses of my lips  

          As we kiss

                    breath of fresh life

                    renewed spirit

                    rightened mind

flows into my bloodstream and I am alive

Hold me Eternal Fire

Engulf me with Your Spirit

Set my soul ablaze with the Zeal of Your Passion

And loose me to spread You everywhere like a wildfire



Lord I hand It To YouIn Parts 1   and 2 of this article, we explored four distinct differences between praise and worship.  They are as follows:

  1. Anyone can praise Him, but only those who are in Him can worship Him
  2. You can praise apart from worship, but you cannot worship apart from praise.
  3. Praise invites Him to come, but worship invites Him to stay
  4. Praise ushers in His presence, but worship ushers in His habitation

Now let’s wrap up this series by examining the final three distinctions.

DISTINCTION #5:  Praise acknowledges Him as God, but worship reveres Him as MY GOD Continue reading “IS IT PRAISE, OR IS IT WORSHIP, PART 3”

The Heart Of Worship


And Abraham said unto his young men, Abide ye here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again to you. (Genesis 22:5)

Mahatma Ghandi once cited that there are seven deadly sins:  “politics without principles, pleasure without conscience, wealth without work, knowledge without character, business without morality, science  without humanity, and worship without sacrifice.[i] 

We often sing the song “I’m coming back to the heart of worship”[ii], but what lies at the heart of worship?  In one word, the answer is sacrifice. Continue reading “The Heart Of Worship”

The Image Of Worship: What Does Worship Look Like?


If you want good fruit, you must make the tree good. If your tree is not good, it will have bad fruit. A tree is known by the kind of fruit it produces. (Matthew 12:33, Easy To Read Version)

Having spent several years in South Africa, one of the cultural norms I’ve discovered is ancestral worship.  Most black South Africans who have are not born again seem to cling to this tradition.  It is a tradition that has literally split families apart once family members decide to serve Jesus Christ and Him alone.  There are various “acts of worship” that many people in this society incorporate into their lifestyles.  There is the slaughtering of animals as an offering to appease the ancestors.  Many people seek Sangomas (witch doctors) to consult their ancestors for guidance, healing, or what they perceive to be blessings.  Even some of the poorest of the poor erect elaborate tomb-stones in honor of the dead.  In some cultures, the departed’s name is no longer allowed to be spoken depending on his/her status in the community. Continue reading “The Image Of Worship: What Does Worship Look Like?”

Tapping Into The Image Of Christ


Who doesn’t just adore watching a beautiful sunset, or gazing upon the moon during those infrequent evenings that it seems to appear larger than life?  The soft lights of these images  only serve to bring us to a place of soothing tranquility.   These are the very images that couples so love to embrace together.  Now I’d like to invite you into a spiritually soothing state of tranquility as you tap into the image of the Lover of your soul… Continue reading “Tapping Into The Image Of Christ”