Giving Tuesday Alert: Fundraising Update

Last week, Global Growth Ministries announced the launching a humanitarian mission designed to support households in areas where a lack of governmental support intensifies desperation. Our objective is to create sponsorship programs for pre-selected households that are in dire straits.  This project focuses on raising funds to provide relief for impoverished people internationally – those who have sunk beyond despair.  

We introduced our readers to Owen Nginga, our first aid recipient. Owen is a 31-year-old Zimbabwean who was a full-time Bible School student and vendor prior to Zimbabwe’s first national lockdown.  Owen and his family have found themselves struggling to climb out of what seems like a bottomless pit. Before Covid-19 hit, they were able to manage to sustain themselves. Two national lockdowns have left them destitute, unable to provide even their basic needs.

Project Goal:  To raise enough funds to equip Owen and families like his with food, housing, and other necessities to sustain them temporarily. With hopes that the tide will begin to turn and this plague will have subsided long enough, we endeavor to support Owen, and others like him, until they can get back on their feet. $1,000 will sustain families like Owen for up to six months, providing them with hope for the future.

In only 5 days, we managed to raise $265 towards our $1,000 goal. Studies show that campaigns that raise 30% of their goals are typically successful in reaching those goals. That leaves just $35 to reach our first milestone, thus increasing our odds of succeeding in our efforts.

For those that have grown accustomed to making donations on Giving Tuesdays, we humbly ask that you click here to contribute to this cause. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Please, help us to help others get through these trying times.

Many thanks in advance for your kind consideration.

And to those who gave, words cannot express our appreciation for your generous donations. You have been a tremendous blessing to this ministry and the families we endeavor to assist.