From pit to palaceIn my last two Favor Factor articles, I discussed Faith Based Favor which is favor that has been activated by grace in some instances and in others it is additional faith as a result of requested grace  that has been granted. 

Today my endeavor is to reveal one of the consequences of walking in faith based favor which is attracting the kind of favor that follows.  When you embrace faith based favor, in the process of time you will notice that favor will begin to follow you wherever you go. 

Like a stalker, favor will begin to watch your every move to determine how to infiltrate your life with more of the goodness of God.  Favor that follows will disrupt your plans to usher you into purpose.  It will shake away the foundations of any obstacles to open the doors of destiny. 

Favor stalked Joseph throughout the most difficult 13 years of his life .[1]  Just check out his testimony.   His is one of a myriad of biblical examples of the favor that follows. While many people know the story of Joseph, I would like you to see it from the eyes of favor.

Favor followed Joseph from his father’s bosom through the pit to the Potiphar’s house, then through the prison to the palace.  It’s not always easy to embrace the favor that follows you, but it’s always worth it. 

God anointed Joseph when he was a child to be a deliverer of God’s chosen people.  With that anointing came uncommon favor.  Of eleven children, Jacob favored Joseph who was the first born of Rachel, Jacob’s true love, as the “son of his old age”[2] .

Jacob showed Joseph how much he favored him by giving him a multi-colored coat.  This coat made him the envy of his brothers who already hated him because they saw that he was favored, which set the stage for attack.  Jesus supported this notion in Mark 10:29-30 when he declared that anyone who follows Him (the source of favor) will gain 100fold blessings WITH persecution. 

Anytime favor follows you, rest assured attacks will follow as well.  But favor pit2always exalts itself above attacks.  In Joseph’s case, the attackers were his own siblings who considered killing him. But since favor was attached to his destiny, favor said NO!  Instead he was thrown into a pit and subsequently sold as a slave to a group of Ishmaelites travelling to Egypt.


Enslaved in a land foreign to him, Joseph found himself serving Potiphar, a man responsible for managing Pharaoh’s executioners.[3]  Potiphar was a prosperous man who upon seeing God’s anointing on Joseph, favored him as well by giving him charge over everything he owned.  The same favor that was with Joseph before he was thrown into the pit followed him to Potiphar’s house. Because of that favor, Potiphar received special favor from God.  When God favors you, the abundance of that favor flows over to those who show you favor for favor.

Just when things seemed to be looking up for Joseph, he found himself being confronted with an indecent proposal, by of all people Potiphar’s own wife.  Being the upright man that he was, he wouldn’t succumb to her seduction so she snatched off his clothes, and he practically streaked out of the room (Sharon’s Paraphrased Version, of course).  Thus, prison became his portion.

pumpkin-cageBut even in prison he found favor with the warden who gave him charge of the entire prison.  Joseph exercised the same authority as the warden.[4] Have you ever heard of a prisoner literally and legally running the prison?  In today’s world, this would be the result of a corrupt warden.  In this case however, it is the result of favor beyond measure!   Favor ensured that he wasn’t bound by his bonds.  When favor follows you, you will experience the best in even the worst conditions.

Ultimately his gift made room for him and brought him before Pharaoh himself.[5] Favor followed him right into the palace and granted him a position equivalent to Egypt’s prime minister.St. Vitus Cathedral at Christmas

That same favor that inaugurated him as a chief of state then flowed over to his family who subsequently came to Egypt to flee famine. 

Favor then traded unforgiveness for purpose.  Instead of enacting judgment upon the very brothers who meant him harm, favor caused him to embrace them armed with the understanding that even though they meant it for evil, God allowed it for the purpose of saving the lives of the soon-to-be nation of Israel.[6]  Favor then granted his family the best of the land in Egypt.[7]

To sum it up, favor stalked a young country boy for more than 13 years of transition, then positioned him in the highest office next to the king in a land that wasn’t even his own.  Favor followed him everywhere he went and flowed over to everyone he had dealings with.

In my next Favor Factor article entitled “Favor Followed Me”, I will share my encounter with my own personal “favor stalker”.

Love & Blessings.



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