While overseeing the Prophetic Ministry of the Arts in Rustenburg, South Africa, I would periodically get an  urge to “spring clean”.  During these urges, one could find me removing all the furniture from the office, pulling up the carpet to be cleaned, and/or scrubbing down the walls and floors.  This cleaning spree would always be unannounced, and would always occur during our scheduled practice days.  After all, what a great way to teach these youth some discipline, right?

A couple of hours before their arrival, most of the furniture would already be outside.  I would be found sitting outside with a bucket of soapy water washing down every piece of equipment and furniture we owned.  Each team member would arrive in shock (and I’m sure a bit of disappointment) to find that they would immediately be issued  instructions to assist in this endeavor.

Dust 2The most tedious task was always the floor.  Oftentimes when the carpet is removed, one would find almost a half inch layer of dust underneath.  The South African method of combating this “dust bowl” would be to sprinkle water throughout the floor then proceed to mop.  I never subscribed to this method because I felt we were only lubricating and circulating dirt.  Therefore, I would commence with several rounds of sweeping before even considering mopping. 

Sometimes, I would have four to
five people follow my lead by of sweeping at least two times before carrying out other chores.  Only after the room had been swept to the point that the dust remaining was minimal would I move on to the mopping phase.  You couldn’t even imagine the amount of dust that would be flying in the air during these sweepings.   Continue reading “CLEAN YOUR LENSES”