My Consistant Constant



Don’t you find it frustrating when people prove not to be keepers of their word? Have you ever met that one person who is ever making promises yet never follows through? How about those you’ve found yourself having to depend on that seem to consistently prove the scripture that says,  “Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint.” true ?[i]

But a thought of how consistent God is in all of His ways brought to memory a poem He gave me almost 10 years ago just to glorify and appreciate Him.  As I reflected back then on how He has always proven to consistently be my constant.[ii] , the words just began to flow.  And I would like to share it with you today. I pray that you enjoy and that it ministers to you.


In a life full of inconsistencies, the one thing constant I have is You.

You are a constant friend,

A constant companion,

A constant lover,

A constant savior,

A constant way maker

A constant provider

A constant healer

A constant helper

A constant restorer

A constant Redeemer

A constant keeper,

A constant preserver

A constant sustainer

A constant counselor

A constant Father

My Constant God!

It is your constant that keeps me consistent.

Consistently hoping in You

Consistently trusting in You

Consistently desiring to please You

Consistently Loving You

Consistently longing for You

Thank You for being my constant, and for keeping me consistent.





[i] Proverbs 25:19

[ii] Hebrews 13:8


Knock Knock

 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. (Genesis 3:20)

The book of Revelation has been a source of extreme interest for me, so I decided to devote this month to plunging into an in-depth study of it.  A cousin told me about a Revelation series on conducted by Dr. Chuck Missler on YouTube, which I chose as a study tool.

More of Dr. Missler’s study is dedicated to chapters two and three than any portion of the book because these chapters apply to the church at large and each individual believer today.[1] These chapters contain letters that the Apostle John wrote to the seven churches when he was banished to the Isle of Patmos.[2]  For most of my Christian walk, I’ve been taught that each church represents a specific period in history, and that the age we are presently in is the Laodicean age.

laodicea-the-lukewarm-churchThe Laodicean church was referred to by Jesus Christ as a “lukewarm” church; it was neither hot (on fire for God) nor cold (back completely turned away from God).  They saw themselves as a group of wealthy people in need of nothing, while God saw them as miserable, afflicted, and poverty ridden.[3]  It was a “fence straddling” church whose focus seemed to have drifted more towards physical prosperity than spiritual intimacy.  Their eyes weren’t lifted up to the eternal God as much as gazing out to “stuff” that will perish.  They were deceived into thinking that their natural prosperity was a reflection of their spiritual condition. 

Upon the conclusion of Dr. Missler’s teaching, he recited the following inscription written on a cathedral in Lubeck, Germany that was clearly directed towards the believer. [4]

“Thus Speaketh Christ our Lord to us;

Ye call Me Master and obey Me not.

Ye call Me Light and see Me not.

Ye call Me Way and walk Me not.

Ye call Me Life and choose Me not.

Ye call Me Wise and follow Me not.

Ye call Me Fair and love Me not.

Ye call me Rich and ask Me not.

Ye call Me Eternal and seek Me not.

Ye call me Noble and serve Me not.

Ye call me Gracious and trust Me not.

Ye call Me Might and honor Me not.

Ye call Me Just and fear Me not.

If I condemn you, blame Me not.”


One of the greatest revelations I gained from Dr. Missler’s teaching was that unlike the other churches, Laodicea was the only church where Jesus was not inside the church.  He was standing outside the church knocking and waiting to be invited in so that He could commune with them.[5]

This reminded me of a vision that a friend once had several years ago.  There were masses of people who were walking away from light.  She said that it reminded her of a scene from a western movie where the cowboy rides off into the sunset.  God revealed to her that there were people of God who were doing His work, yet had turned their backs on Him to walk into darkness.

Today we have access to multitudes of bells and whistles of a modern world, every creature comfort imaginable at our fingertips, and a society that promotes self-gratification.  This ease of access to indulgences has caused so many of God’s people to fall into the stupor of a life that has grown distant from God.  In an age where so many churches seem to be more focused on physical prosperity than eternal intimacy, it is easy to lose focus on our sole purpose for being created. We were created to have pure, unadulterated intimacy with our Creator.[6]  Being lured into the trappings of worldly possessions, have we found ourselves turning away from the Light of the world?[7]

During this festive season we are bombarded with extravagant colorful lights, lots of food and family fun, ornamented trees, and gift exchanges. This has caused many lose sight of why so many Christians have chosen this season to celebrate the birth of Christ. Don’t you think it’s time to turn back to pure worship?  It’s time to follow Jesus’ instruction to anoint your eyes with “eyesalve, that ye mayest see.”[8]  Don’t you think it’s time to fall prostrate before the Lord and give Him all your undivided attention?

When was the last time you decided to leave the malls, turn off the TV and tablet, silence your phone, and take a Facebook break just to enter into a quiet place to spend good, uninterrupted, quality time with your


  • Master
    • Light

      • Way

        • Life
          • Wise

            • Fair

              • Rich
            • Eternal
          • Noble
        • Gracious
      • Mighty
    • Just Savior?


How about right now?  I invite you to just bow down and worship Him this very moment.  I encourage you to set aside the earth-bound cares of this life to embrace some heavenly-bound, yoke-breaking intimacy with the One you have chosen to celebrate during this season.  Don’t allow yourself to fall into the stupor of the Laodicean age.  There’s too much to lose.  Jesus is calling you. You have an appointment to sit with Him on His throne.[9]  Don’t miss it!



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I will never forget the smell of turkey and dressing wafting through the house on the eve of Thanksgiving.  I’ll always remember the joy of wiping left-over cake batter from the bowl with my fingers to enjoy its creamy sweetness. 

As I think back on Thanksgiving day, however, while everyone in our family would sit along the dining room table lengthened by its mid and end-flaps, eating, laughing and talking really loud, I can’t say I remember everyone taking the time to share what they were thankful for. 

Being raised in a home that was Christian in name only, we were doing good if we even remembered to “say grace” (as in bless our food, not call for my aunt Grace).  I wasn’t exposed to the “giving thanks” ritual until I saw it on TV.  And boy it’s EVERYWHERE on TV.  People from any and every belief imaginable in the United States seem to take the time to give thanks for something on Thanksgiving day.  After all, wasn’t that what this day was supposed to be about?  I guess our family didn’t get the memo. 

Moving out on my own, I never thought much more about Thanksgiving.  I’d often forget that a holiday was even coming unless I was forced to go to the store a week prior and endure crowds and endless lines. 

Needless to say, when I relocated to South Africa, I missed nothing.  With it being springtime in the southern hemisphere, there would be no autumn leaves, no cool weather, and of course, no hustle and bustle of holiday shopping.   It was just another day for me. 

Ironically, friends would sometimes approach me saying, “Happy Thanksgiving” because they knew that I am an American.  I’d be so amazed because they would remember something so foreign to them about me, yet it would be so far from my mind.  

This is my first Thanksgiving Day experience since my return from South Africa.  As I reflected on the tradition of the holiday, I was reminded of the words of Jesus when He instituted the rite of communion.  The Apostle Paul says,  Continue reading “GIVE THANKS”



In our previous Worship Factor posts, we have explored the concept and dynamics of worship.  Our exploration has enabled us to reveal that the crux of worship is intimacy.  Now let’s put these lessons into practice by speaking His Word back to Him in worship.

The Song of Solomon is a poetic writing that reveals thoughts and conversations between King Solomon and his Bride.  The book is actually called the “Song of Songs” or “Ode (short poem or song) of Odes” meaning that this is the greatest of the collection of odes.  While much controversy surrounds this book and it’s placement in the Bible, if one can see past a physical perspective of the contents its contents, one can understand that it is more than a simple collection of love letters.  It provides us with an allegory symbolizing the relationship of Our King Jesus with us, His Bride.  Let’s examine some things Solomon’s bride had to say to him and let’s sing them to Our King.


His mouth is most sweet: yea, he is altogether lovely. This is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem. (Song of Solomon 5:16)

As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste. (Song of Solomon 2:3)


What makes His mouth so sweet is what comes out of it.  His Word issues from His mouth.  His very essence is made known as He (the Word) speaks Himself (The Word).  Like Job, we should esteem the words of His mouth more than our necessary food[1].  When we take this posture, we learn that His Word is “more to be desired than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.”[2]  Continue reading “SONGS OF WORSHIP”



Here’s a couple of questions for all the married sisters out there…not the newlyweds, but those who have been in the trenches of holy matrimony for several years.  Do you love that man the way you loved him when you first said “I Do”?  Do you still find yourself fondly thinking of him every moment of every hour of every day?  When you think of him, do you feel as if you need to do whatever you possibly can to please him because you are so madly, crazy, head-over-heels in love with him?  Or are you simply going through the motions because of the vows you made way back when?

Ok, my married brothers, now it’s your turn.  Do you still crave your wife like you did when you first pursued her?  Does your heart still flutter in anticipation like it did as you went down to one knee to pop the question?  Or are you just going through “daily rituals” out of a sense of obligation because you feel like your life is on “lock-down” to your proverbial ball and chain?

Now, let’s flip the script and ask yourself this question:  If you still had that passionate,  OMG crazy love for your spouse, how would it make you feel if he/she, although obligated to you, no longer loves you the way you love him/her? 

I couldn’t even imagine how deep that hurt would be.  I’m sure the first thing that would creep into my psyche is insecurity.  I’d begin to wonder if his faithfulness would last.  I’d probably ask myself if he would eventually drift so far away that he would ultimately turn his back on me altogether, in spite of his knowledge of just how much I love him.

Now picture how Jesus felt as he confronted the church of Ephesus[1].  This part of His bride that He loved so dearly, is the same part that only served Him out of obligation.  The love was no longer mutual. Today, He is still feeling the pain of so many of us who have lost our First Love.  Continue reading “LOVE ME LIKE YOU LOVED ME”



“Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved.”

(John 13:23)

Those who lean are those who He loves with a greater affection.[i] When we rest in Jesus’ bosom, we can get so close that we can hear His heart beat and catch His rhythm. When we catch His rhythm we are in tuned with Him like a piano in tuned with a maestro. To hear and feel His heartbeat is to connect with Him and flow in His will.

Johnnie "Dollar" Wooten
Johnnie “Dollar” Wooten

Although ours wasn’t considered a very musical family, a piano was the biggest ornament in our house.  I personally only know how to make noise on it…and it isn’t a joyful noise by any means.  The only one who really knew how to make that piano sing was our Uncle Johnnie.  He mastered that piano so well that he could play the most beautiful music in spite of the fact that several keys were flat.  How much richer would his music have been had the piano been tuned?! 

As the tension on piano strings loosen, the piano becomes out of tune and a tuner is required to retune it.  Likewise, the strings of our intimacy with God sometimes becomes weary and loosens causing our lifestyle of worship and our spiritual ears to become dull and flat.  At these times we no longer have an ear to hear His music. [ii]  It is then that our portion should be to simply go back to our Tuner and allow Him retune us so that we can get back into alignment His will.   His will is the song of our worship. He is the master and the maestro of our praise.

But the strings must first be connected to the piano, then they must be pulled into harmony with the piano and all the other strings for music to come forth.  I like fashion, the strings of our lives must be connected through salvation.  Then we must allow our lives to be pulled into harmony with God and His kingdom.  In doing so, heavenly deposits enter into us as we begin to become ever so sensitive to His voice…the voice of the Maestro, and like the string on that piano, we begin to simply play the music of doing His will as He requests.

There are a variety of factors that causes pianos to go out of tune, Grand_piano_tuning_01most of which are external.  Humidity and temperature changes affects the pitch.  Stretched strings and loose tuning pins causes keys to go flat.  Hard playing also causes tune deterioration.[iii]  Likewise there are so many external conditions we face as Christians that causes us become flat in our faith and out of tune with our Master.

When the piano is tuned, the strings are pulled tighter and tighter together until the right pitch and tone is achieved.  If those strings could talk, I’m sure they’d complain that this is a painful process.  When we allow ourselves to go through the painful process of having our faith pulled and stretched tighter, we ultimately develop the patience necessary to become synchronized with others who are tuned into Him, and our lives will begin to make a melody with Him and be in harmony with His will.[iv] 


A more expensive piano with stronger and durable strings, produces richer music because the strings are more sensitive to the will of the maestro.  The more we grow in God with stronger and more durable faith, the more flexible we become to His will, and the more sensitive we are to His command.

Today I’m excellent at making a whole lot of noise on the piano.  But I greatest desire is to have a lifestyle that makes the sweetest melody in the ear of My Master, My Maestro!



[i] John 21:20

[ii] Revelation 2:7, 11, 17, 29; 3:6, 13, 22

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[iv] James 1:3



Lord, let me walk in Your newness

Let me feel Your touch

Let me see Your glory

Let me embrace Your love

Let me fellowship with Your suffering

Let me be in You and You in me like Christ

Let my eyes touch Your face

Let my ears touch Your heart

Let my lips touch Your nostrils with the sweet aroma of worship

Let me be free

          to draw my mind to Your habitation

          to draw my spirit to Your breath of life

          to draw my body to the cross

          to entwine my love to Yours

Breathe anew into my spirit

Quicken my spirit

Revive my spirit

Rekindle my spirit

Refresh our communion

There I want to abide evermore


          In the bosom of Your love

          In the warm embrace of Your sOnshine

          In the transparency of Your mercy

          In the glow of Your grace

i 1 2 b lyk U            I want to be like You.                   I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU!

Make me over into Your perfect image

          The Image of Your Son

          The image of your Glory

          The image of Your Perfection

I kiss You with the kisses of my lips  

          As we kiss

                    breath of fresh life

                    renewed spirit

                    rightened mind

flows into my bloodstream and I am alive

Hold me Eternal Fire

Engulf me with Your Spirit

Set my soul ablaze with the Zeal of Your Passion

And loose me to spread You everywhere like a wildfire