Campaign Update #1

On March 31, 2021, Global Growth Ministries launched its first ever humanitarian-aid program designed to support households in areas where a lack of governmental support intensifies desperation. Over the next few days, we will post updates in the order they were posted on our GoFundMe Charity page since the campaign inception. Future updates will be published here directly on a weekly basis until the campaign concludes. The following update was posted on April 1, 2021 which was only one day after the campaign was launched:

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We are so thrilled to report that we have raised more than 12% of our goal within 24 hours of this campaign’s official launch. Kathy Dwulit and the anonymous donor, from the depths of my heart, thank you for kicking off this campaign with such generous donations! Your support will go far in sponsoring families like Owen’s. You rock!!!

To all other readers: You are cordially invited to join in this endeavor by simply clicking donate and contributing to this important cause. Your donations, large or small, provides a glimmer of hope to so many impacted by this pandemic.

If you would like to join our new family of humanitarian relief suppliers, please click on the button below to contribute.

If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday. (Isaiah 58:10 NIV)


Giving Tuesday Alert: Fundraising Update

Last week, Global Growth Ministries announced the launching a humanitarian mission designed to support households in areas where a lack of governmental support intensifies desperation. Our objective is to create sponsorship programs for pre-selected households that are in dire straits.  This project focuses on raising funds to provide relief for impoverished people internationally – those who have sunk beyond despair.  

We introduced our readers to Owen Nginga, our first aid recipient. Owen is a 31-year-old Zimbabwean who was a full-time Bible School student and vendor prior to Zimbabwe’s first national lockdown.  Owen and his family have found themselves struggling to climb out of what seems like a bottomless pit. Before Covid-19 hit, they were able to manage to sustain themselves. Two national lockdowns have left them destitute, unable to provide even their basic needs.

Project Goal:  To raise enough funds to equip Owen and families like his with food, housing, and other necessities to sustain them temporarily. With hopes that the tide will begin to turn and this plague will have subsided long enough, we endeavor to support Owen, and others like him, until they can get back on their feet. $1,000 will sustain families like Owen for up to six months, providing them with hope for the future.

In only 5 days, we managed to raise $265 towards our $1,000 goal. Studies show that campaigns that raise 30% of their goals are typically successful in reaching those goals. That leaves just $35 to reach our first milestone, thus increasing our odds of succeeding in our efforts.

For those that have grown accustomed to making donations on Giving Tuesdays, we humbly ask that you click here to contribute to this cause. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Please, help us to help others get through these trying times.

Many thanks in advance for your kind consideration.

And to those who gave, words cannot express our appreciation for your generous donations. You have been a tremendous blessing to this ministry and the families we endeavor to assist.

My Consistant Constant



Don’t you find it frustrating when people prove not to be keepers of their word? Have you ever met that one person who is ever making promises yet never follows through? How about those you’ve found yourself having to depend on that seem to consistently prove the scripture that says,  “Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint.” true ?[i]

But a thought of how consistent God is in all of His ways brought to memory a poem He gave me almost 10 years ago just to glorify and appreciate Him.  As I reflected back then on how He has always proven to consistently be my constant.[ii] , the words just began to flow.  And I would like to share it with you today. I pray that you enjoy and that it ministers to you.


In a life full of inconsistencies, the one thing constant I have is You.

You are a constant friend,

A constant companion,

A constant lover,

A constant savior,

A constant way maker

A constant provider

A constant healer

A constant helper

A constant restorer

A constant Redeemer

A constant keeper,

A constant preserver

A constant sustainer

A constant counselor

A constant Father

My Constant God!

It is your constant that keeps me consistent.

Consistently hoping in You

Consistently trusting in You

Consistently desiring to please You

Consistently Loving You

Consistently longing for You

Thank You for being my constant, and for keeping me consistent.





[i] Proverbs 25:19

[ii] Hebrews 13:8


How poetically David expressed his praise and adoration for God! In this passage, he  celebrated how God kept his covenant promises to Abraham, and mightily delivered his seed from Egyptian bondage!  Knowing perfectly well that God has no problem rebuking even kings for touching His kids, David reflected on one of God’s perfect soundbites:  “TOUCH NOT MINE ANOINTED!”

Many years ago, someone made a statement that has impacted me ever since.  “The scripture says touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm,” she said, then blew my mind with, “yet today God’s anointed is touching God’s anointed and prophets are doing prophets harm.” How sad, but how true.

Who Is God’s Anointed?

Being a five-fold minister is not the prerequisite to being anointed.  Most people assume that anointing equates to publicly displayed ministry.  However, God anoints us simply to carry out the mandate He has placed on us to exact a change in the kingdom of God.

Some of the most anointed people of God are those we rarely see or hear from.  It is often the those found cleaning the kitchens, or sitting quietly in the back pews that are making some of the greatest impacts in the spirit realm. Some of God’s anointed are hidden under the shadows of the usher uniform.  And so many others are tucked away from the local assembly altogether bombarding heaven for others while feeling displaced in the body of Christ themselves as they cry to God for a place they can call home. And these are so often the ones that we, who are appointed to lead God’s flock, are touching.  Just as King Saul kept touching David[1], we keep touching them.

When Are We Touching God’s Anointed?

As leaders, we sometimes mistakenly see those God that has entrusted into our care as “ours” and not God’s anointed.  We see them as people sent to perform our commands and forget that their lot is to perform God’s commands.

It is easy to cross that blurred line of our will vs. God’s will when we have allowed our ears to drift away from His mouth.  This often happens when we shift our focus on pursuing our dreams birthed out of God’s commands by attempting to fulfill God’s mandates on our own effort. We become so consumed with fulfilling His commands that we forget to trust Him to provide us with clarity on how to carry out His assignments. Once this happens, we find ourselves working hard toward what we THINK His commands are instead of what they really are.  We begin to call wrong right, and right wrong by doing that which is right IN OUR OWN EYES[2]. And what’s scary is that we do all this in His name!

Will vs. Will

Once we have crossed that blurred line where we can no longer clearly distinguish our will from His, we then can easily fall into the trap of trapping others in our own delusion.  Others who have seen the God in us, who have seen miracles, signs and wonders worked through us, and who have been delivered and set free through the anointing we carry, can inadvertently find themselves back in bondage. Not to sin, or past weights, but rather the weight of our will.  It is then that we begin to lord over God’s heritage[3], and it is then when we touch His anointed.

We Touch

We place undue burdens and bondages on those God has trusted us to make free.  We tie the yoke of our own will around their necks and convince them that this is the will of God. We manipulate them by perverting scripture just so that our will can be carried out. And again, we touch…

Valuing their gifts more than we value them, we often use intimidation tactics to get them to surrender to our desires, just because we want our own way. We don’t bother to even consider the cost they have to pay simply to agree.   Once again, we touch…

Scripturally, giving is a “free-will” option, yet we often cause God’s anointed to feel guilty for not giving as we deem necessary.  Some have become so carnal that they pressure people to partake in faulty business schemes to raise funds for the ministry.  With spiritually clogged ears, we’ve embraced world systems, and inadvertently wounded many of God’s children right in His own kingdom, because we’ve touched…

And when we touch, we position ourselves for our own downfall.

Over the past several years I’ve seen many thriving ministries suffer drastic decline. Could this be because God’s leaders are touching God’s anointed?  I feel God is saying, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

At what point did we stop thinking of people that God sends us as souls that need deliverance and development, and start thinking of them as subjects sent to fulfill our needs?  God created relationships to be reciprocal.  We have a directive to sow spiritually into their lives. They reciprocate by sowing naturally and yes, even spiritually sometimes into us.  They are not required to reciprocate at our command, but rather at their own will through the leading of the Holy Ghost.

The Great Provider

When God gives vision, He provides.  Our job is to wait for Him to provide us with witty inventions, divine direction and divine instruction for the vision He’s given to be fulfilled.  We are to trust Him for substance, not those He’s sent.  We aren’t called to bully God’s precious gifts into giving UP their substance.  In lovingkindness God draws them to willingly give OF their substance.

When I think of the testimony of how Dr. Zakia McKinney was blessed with a transitional home for women, how it took 15 years from the time God gave the vision until He provided, there was nothing she could do to bring this vision to pass.  The funds and house didn’t come from any ministerial hustle, or undue pressure placed upon ministry participants.  It came from the least expected place:  God’s will.

Don’t confuse your will for God’s.  As we draw souls to Him, He will provide us with all we need to do His good pleasure.  Please, can we stop kicking against the prick by touching His anointed?  Let us loose them and let them go.

The Prayer Of  The True Leader:

Father Forgive us for abusing Your children, God.  You never taught us how to abuse, only how to love.  Forgive us for placing undue burdens on Your precious gifts to us.  Forgive us for abusing who You’ve sent to us to be a blessing to us. Teach us how to love just as You love.  Place us back in Your will.  Teach us how to re-surrender our wills to You just as we did when You first called us into Your service.

Now Father, nevertheless, no longer our will, but Thy will be done, in Jesus’ Name.


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[2] Deuteronomy 12:8; 13:18; Judges 17:6; 21:25

[3] 1 Peter 5:3

Embracing Your Prophetic Goshen


Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.  For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples; but the LORD will arise upon you, and his glory will be seen upon you. (Isaiah 1-2)



goshenConsidered among the best of the land in Egypt, Goshen is an irrigated plain best suited for raising cattle.  Travelers passing through Goshen would enjoy ‘vineyards, and balsam plantations, and orchards, and tilled fields, and gardens.”[i]  Employed as Pharaoh’s right-hand man,[ii] Joseph was requested to move his father, Israel, and family there to its richness during the remaining five years of famine.[iii] 

Approximately 400 years later, when the Israelites found themselves in bondage to the Egyptians, they still had access to the best.  And when God’s wrath was poured onto the Egyptians because of the hardness of Pharaoh’s heart, this land was the Israelites’ safeguard from destructive plagues. [iv]



A land rich in resources and opportunities; A `land that many people inhabited to flee European persecution. A nation founded and built on Biblical principles that have caused her to prosper for generations. But now she finds herself becoming a nation divided.

The United States is a nation that once made a vow to serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But, we have drifted into serving the idols of self and wealth and have in many cases grown apostate. A once self-professed Christian nation, the USA has wandered from a Christian moral code to embrace the ideologies of a “multi-faith” society.

More than two-thirds of our population professes to be Christian. So, how can laws such as abortion and same-sex marriage receive majority votes? Simply put, mindset shifts. According to recent polls, more than 70% of Americans still hold fast to Christian ideology. [v][vi]   Far less, however, embrace the moral values dictated by the Bible. Do you want proof? 70% of abortions are performed on professed Christians.[vii] Even more startling; 54% of Christians subscribe to the LGBT[viii] agenda (a 10% increase since 2007).


These staggering statistics result from the Body of Christ in America, who have become at ease and fallen asleep in Zion.[ix] We who once loved God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength are now being driven by what we see. We’ve allowed our spirits to doze so that our flesh can be satisfied. We’ve unwittingly invited the small foxes of worldly distractions to slowly and methodically destroy the place in our hearts where we have been engrafted into the True Vine.[x]

Over the past three decades, the focus in the church seems to have switched from preparing for life in heaven to preparing for wealth on earth. When I first got saved, songs like “Going Up Yonder”[xi] and “Walk Around Heaven All Day”[xii], etc., expressed the sole purpose of life in the minds of the saints. 

In the process of time, however, we’ve shifted from being God chasers to money chasers. Now the song of the church sounds more like “Name It, Claim It, Blab It, Grab It” and “It’s All About Me.” 

I’m sure God would much rather we be naming and claiming Him, blabbing about Him, and grabbing ahold to the hem of His garment.  All this focus on “things” has lulled many of our spirits into a state of slumber.  It seems that on so many levels, we’ve turned our backs sleep2on Him to pursue IT in His name!

And we sleep…



The proof that we have laid down our guard in the spirit realm is all the havoc we see wreaked in and on our land. Just a glimpse of the news reveals the writing on the wall that says, “The USA is entering into a period of darkness.” We are facing national economic and geopolitical instability, terrorism attempts on our own soil, erratic weather patterns caused by climate shifts, racial, sexual, and religious tensions reaching an all-time high, to name a few. 

And in light of all this, we are facing one of the most detrimental presidential elections of all time.  The focus of campaignssleep3 is no longer about issues.  It’s about character assassination.  The track record and characters of both candidates are shady at best. And their agendas don’t appear to be purely for the good of the country.

Yet we sleep…


One would think this onslaught of issues would bring the saints to our knees.  But instead it seems we’ve sunk deeper into sleep, having allowed ourselves to become hypnotized by the doctrines of this world. 

Now the church seems to have been issued a gag order. We are losing our first amendment rights to freedom of speech and expression. Instead, the church as an institution is threatened with being stripped of its tax-exempt status for declaring the unadulterated truth of the word of God. [xiii] As individuals, we are also at risk of persecution for standing up for our beliefs.[xiv]

Our sleep is growing deeper…deeper




Our country is now facing a season of crisis! The USA has become a nation divided racially, politically, economically, and religiously. It is now on the brink of chaos and calamity. 



I used to dream of entering into my proverbial “Canaan” or Promised Land. Goshen is the place I considered as my place of destiny. I embraced this desire until I concluded that our ultimate Promised Land is the place Jesus prepared for us in heaven.[xv] I’ve since determined to settle entering into my “Prophetic Goshen” in the meantime. But how does the Church of America leave the spiritual famine that brought us to our current state, and enter our Prophetic Goshen?

  1. WAKE UP

wakeupWe have allowed ourselves to enjoy the deception that slumber brings; the delusion that things defined by the Bible as wrong are right.[xvi] We have enjoyed the message of physical wealth and prosperity without embracing the “as your soul prospers” criteria for Godly health, wealth, and prosperity.[xvii] Now is the time to wake up and shake ourselves from these delusions.



It’s time for us to confess our sins of falling into the slumber of prosperity as the enemy crept in. He began to sow tares within not only the borders of our country but the walls of the church while we hit the snooze button of life.



1442478_31083828Now is the time to arise from our obscure silence and take heed to the truth that says, “Cry aloud; do not hold back; lift up your voice like a trumpet; declare to my people their transgression, to the house of Jacob their sins.”

It’s time to arise and shine the light of God’s spirit[xviii] within us. In doing so, the knowledge of God’s glory can penetrate the darkness of perversion, deception, witchcraft, religious terrorism, and moral terrorism as the waters cover the sea![xix]


It’s time out for doing that which is right in your own eyes, like the Israelites during the days of the judges.  It’s time to start obeying and “…hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, to keep all his commandments which I command thee this day, to do that which is right in the eyes of the LORD thy God.”


At our local assembly,[xx] we’ve been studying from the book entitled “Good Faith, Being a Christian When Society Thinks You’re Irrelevant and Extreme”.[xxi] It reveals quite poignantly the general perception in America is that most Christians are extreme verbally and behaviorally. Based on this ideology, let’s explore some irrelevant and extreme behavior.


Noah was considered both extreme AND irrelevant!  But, since he didn’t compromise his faith, even though the earth was swallowed up in the wrath of God, he was lifted up to safety.[xxii]


Moses indeed appeared extreme to Pharaoh when he cried, “let my people go.” But when the plagues hit, he and the Israelites were safely tucked away under the shadow of the Almighty in Goshen. No plague came nigh their dwelling. When gross darkness fell, there was light in Goshen.[xxiii]

Here in this nation, it appears that gross darkness has fallen, and plagues are hitting us left, right and center. But in the prophetic Goshen of God’s kingdom, there is light, safety, righteousness, joy, and peace IN the Holy Ghost!

We are called to be the light of the world.[xxiv] Therefore, it’s time for us to wake up, clean up, get up, and allow the light of God’s Glory through the Holy Ghost to pierce into the darkness that is hovering over this nation. It’s time for US to exact a change. We no longer need to be IN our prophetic Goshen. It is time for us to BE that Prophetic Goshen!


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