About Global Growth Ministries


Our vision is to spread the Gospel and assist in the equipping of the saints worldwide by providing covering for ministries and individuals who share the same vision of transforming communities worldwide both spiritually and economically through the following programs:


Our mission is to utilize every resource available to fulfill Jesus’ command to “go into all the world” and teach those things that He has deposited into us.


Global Growth Ministries was birthed in 2002 as a mandate from God to build a Christian Library and Free Bible Program in South Africa. It began with a two-and-a-half-month tour of South Africa to establish relationships with various pastors and ministries.

We donated approximately 100 books that we carried from the US, and acquired more than 300 Bibles while there. We distributed scores of Bibles to Christians that were hungry to read and learn from the Bible. The joy that the recipients felt was palpable.

After years of obstacles, in 2016, 1.6 tons of Christian literature was finally shipped to South Africa to stock the very first Christian library of it’s kind.

Meanwhile, Global Growth Ministries has expanded to utilize the internet as a medium to spread the gospel worldwide through our blog, Global Growth Factors.

Due to the current pandemic, we have recognized the need to assist in the arena of humanitarian aid. To that end, we are launching a program designed to support families in areas where a lack of governmental support intensifies desperation.

For us to achieve this new endeavor, your help is vital. Please assist us in assisting others by clicking here to donate to our humanitarian aid program. All donations are 100% tax-deductible. We thank you in advance for your support in this project.