Welcome to Healing Factors: My Story, Part 1 of So Many!

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Healing Factories was designed to provide a space for people to share testimonies of the healing power of God in their lives.  The goal is to provide a faith booster to those who are suffering, seeking a miracle, or breakthrough.

Most people seem to only associate healing with our physical beings. God however, desires to see us healed in our bodies, souls and spirits.  Healing in all three areas or our being is necessary for a well-rounded and abundant life in Christ. 

Being blessed to live six years in a third world country has afforded me the opportunity to bear witness to countless uncommon testimonies of the power of the Great Physician.  I aim to also several testimonies I’ve been exposed to right here in the USA.  As I write this, I think of the song, Akhon’ Amandla,[1] a Zulu song that speaks of the miraculous and healing power of the blood of Jesus.  And this is the power that I would love to see ignited in you.  

In Healing Factors, we will explore emotional healing from loss of loved ones and other life shattering events, healing from the bondages of witchcraft, and of course physical healing.

First hand exposure to testimonies like:

  • People being delivered from the lifestyle of a witch to come to know Christ in a special and intimate way
  • Working alongside one of scores of people completely healed from full blown aids.
  • Having someone diagnosed with stage 4 cancer run up to me, test results in hand saying, “Pastor Sharon look, there’s no more cancer in my body,” before even going through chemotherapy.

Experiences like these have provided me with faith boosters out of this world!  And my prayer is that these testimonies will speak life, healing, and breakthrough into your life.  I pray that through these testimonies, you’ll walk away speaking as the psalmist spoke, “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.[2]


I figured I’d start with the first healMommy sharon baby.jpging that I would consider miraculous although I must present it from my mother’s point of view.

At the age of 16 months, I apparently developed a fondness of looking at myself in the bathroom mirror.  One day I looked and saw that a piece of skin had fallen off my face.  Horrified at the sight, I quickly put a face cloth over the mirror and went to show my mother.  She promptly took me to our family doctor who diagnosed me with a rash, and prescribed medicine. 

Within a couple of days, another patch of skin fell off and I was taken back.  Concerned, the doctor immediately had me admitted into the hospital.  From my mother’s description, all the skin completely fell off of my body in a very short period of time.


At the hospital, I was diagnosed with a then extremely rare disease called Steven Johnson’s Syndrome.  Today, with the influx of medicines prematurely released by the FDA in the late 1980s, this disease has become quite common as a side-affect.  However, during my first health-crises more than two decades prior, the stats were quite different.


My father began to research this strange disease which revealed the most alarming statistics:

  • 50% of the people diagnosed with this disease died,
  • and 90% of the survivors went blind.

According to my brother, Dwight who is almost 8 years older than me, during this time only 1 in 100,000 people were diagnosed with this disease each year in the United States. 

My father’s reaction to the diagnosis  was to ensure that the best dermatologist and ophthalmologist would be incorporated into my medical oversight.  My mother’s reaction was quite different.



I remember one day when she was sharing this story with me she said “I don’t know why your dad was crying.”  One may argue that my dad, being the intellectual in the family, and my mom only having a 10th grade education, she may not have realized the severity of my condition.  I beg to differ.  Aside from the stats, she saw the same thing he did. 

“You looked like a slab of meat”, she once uttered with absolutely no emotion. 

But she had something my dad didn’t: A faith in God initially and an encounter with Him that I believe boosted her faith in God to heal me.

While I knew my mother had no idea what it meant to be filled with the Holy Spirit, during my infancy she had a spiritual encounter with God, at which time she was dying, but God showed her the anointing on the life of her children, told her that He would heal her, and she was completely healed.  I believe this was the faith that my life counted on during this ordeal.


THE MIRACLESharon2.jpg

After only about a week or so in quarantine at the hospital, I left with new skin, new eyes, and the beginning of what I would argue to be the best life anyone in this world could ever have!!!


That’s my story.  What’s yours?  If you have a testimony you would like to share, please click here to contact us so that we can share your story.

[1] Akhon’ Amandla Lyrics

[2] Psalm 118:17

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