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For the past 15 years, I’ve been using a free downloadable application called e-Sword as my main tool for my personal Bible study.  I love this application because it creates a “one-stop-shop” scenario for my study experience where no internet access is required. In addition to providing a wide array of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, and other Bible study tools, it also contains a wonderful editor which allows me to create my own personal study Bible by storing all my notes in an organized fashion within its database.

esword screenshotOften before reading my daily allotted chapters, I review the notes I previously recorded that are associated with the passages of scripture I’m scheduled to read. Today, as I began to review my notes, I stumbled upon a note that drove me to add “Study Nuggets” as a new category to Global Growth Factors.

Over the years, God has blessed me with many revelations of scripture (at least they were revelations to me) during my personal studies. I’m so thankful for e-Sword because being able to organize my notes have afforded me the opportunity to:

  1. Study now and reflect later. Like today’s study, when I review my notes, I am able to ponder the revelation and gain deeper insight into practical application of the text.
  2. Have a measurable yardstick for growth in the area of understanding scripture. Sometimes through further study, I’ll revisit a note only to realize that my perception or assumption of a passage was erroneous
  3. Create my own personal study Bible (in time, of course). With more than three thousand study notes connected directly to specific passages of scripture, I have the ability to print these notes and use my hard copy as my own personal study Bible.  This has proven useful during seasons where I had no access to electricity.
  4. Remember great spiritual nuggets long forgotten. I’m often tickled at the times I’m get this great revelation only to find when I go to record it that I already had that revelation before. I once heard a friend say “My memory is good. It’s just short.” How well I relate!

Using e-Sword and revisiting my study notes makes my Bible study experience come to life and my devotions and meditations much richer.

esword screenshot1Why am I sharing all this with you? It isn’t to promote e-Sword, although it is the one application that I would swear by if it weren’t illegal.[i] LOL.

I’m sharing this because I’ve come to realize that there are so many nuggets that have acted as treasures in my life that I feel I should share with you. These nuggets have (and still do) help me tremendously in my personal spiritual growth and development.

So armed with a mandate on my life to enhance the Body of Christ in the area of spiritual growth and development, I’m adding “Study Nuggets” to Global Growth Factors.  In doing so, I am using  this platform as an opportunity for anyone else residing on the globe who just happens to stumble across this blog to enjoy additional growth as well.

So, stay tuned as I begin to share some of the “secrets” God has revealed to me through my private time in His Word. On my next post, I’ll share what I’ve learned about Egypt Seasons; what they are, when they come, and how to determine when they expire.

Love & Blessings!



[i] Matthew 5:34-35

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