Flesh Eating Bacteria1

In the news, we’ve been warned to beware of bacteria which causes Necrotizing Fascilitis, a flesh eating infection that kills tissue as it spreads, and can lead to death if not treated properly.[1] Flesh Eaters are traditionally known as destroyers, or things that kill. They are things that can strip us of what we consider beautiful. They are considered devourers.

It’s easy to only think negatively of anything that destroys the flesh, especially when all of our experiences have only revealed the bad or the ugly, such as Necrotizing Fascilitis. But now, let’s look at the good…let’s take a look at another kind of flesh eater that I would like to call “The Great Flesh Eater”.

None of us wants our flesh eaten away, but it is our flesh that keeps us severed from God. The Great Flesh Eater mortifies the deeds of the flesh so that our spirits may live.[2] The Great Flesh Eater devourers the heart of stone but replaces it with a heart of flesh.[3] The Great Flesh Eater strips away all the things that our flesh craves so that the cravings of our spirit to be one with the Holy Spirit may be quenched.

We have so many areas in our “lives” that are dead. But as the writer said of the Israelites during the days that the judges ruled, who did that which was right in their own eyes,[4] many of us have also become deceived by our own flesh. Like the Israelites, we are calling right wrong and wrong right. We call love lust, and lust love. We call life death, and death life.

How about we allow the Great Flesh Eater to begin to sharpen both edges of His blades and cut away those things that we thought were alive but were really dead so that we can begin to live life and that more abundantly.[5] 

Father, let Your Word, The Great Flesh Eater begin to devour the flesh of Your people so that our spirits and souls can live at peace with You and in You, in Jesus’ Name! AMEN!



[1] http://abcnews.go.com/Health/man-loses-leg-flesh-eating-bacteria-wading-gulf/story?id=30872958

[2] Romans 8:13

[3] Ezekiel 11:19

[4] Judges 17:6, 21:25

[5] Hebrews 4:12, Revelation 3:1, John 10:10

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