Favor very often comes as the result of a rich prayer life.  The Bible declares in James 5:16 that the “effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”.

I recently received an e-mail from Apostle Craig Toach of Apostolic Movement International.  In it he shared a wonderful analogy that expresses some of the hindrances to receiving the full benefits of favor.  It impacted me to such a degree that I felt it necessary to share it with you.

If there is one thing that always confused me and even frustrated me, it is this: I prayed to the Lord for something, the Lord answered and said “Yes,” but nothing ever came of it.

Do I hear an amen?! I

mean, was I in deception or did the Lord change His mind half way through? Well, let me ask you this – do you have a duck call or do you have a dog whistle?

You see, based on your answer, you will know where you are missing this very important lesson. Okay now that you are completely confused let me shed the light to bring it all together!

You see, when the Lord gave you that answer to your prayer, what did you do with it? Well, if you are like me – I received it, even spoke it forth and then thanked the Lord for it. However, I missed one very important thing… I forgot to keep speaking it forth until it came to pass.

And not just any words, but the right words that are like a dog whistle to the Angels, to do the Lord’s will in the earth. Without the right whistle, they cannot hear the call and will not do anything until they hear it.

You see in all of this, the angels are trying to get the job done, but if we do not hold up our end, why are we mad when it does not happen?

Well, it does not have to stay that way because Colette, in her latest message, cleared some very misunderstood concepts and shed some very clear light that will revolutionize your prayer life. In her latest message “Persistent Prayer – Angels At Work”, Colette has switched on the light of understanding and ignited the fire of passion for taking back what is yours.

Persistent prayer is the key, but correct persistent prayer is what is going to bring the victory! Find out now and see your blessings come to pass in ways they should always have been done! No more wondering, but rather let’s do our part so the Angels can do theirs.

Get the full teaching at the AMI Bookshop:

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