Wife-In-Waiting Training: Characteristic #2 – Maintain Chastity

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In our last training session entitled Walk In Beauty, we revealed the importance of

  1. salvation, which marries you to your Lover, Jesus Christ, and 
  2. beautifying your thought life by taking captive impure thoughts.

Today’s lesson focuses on the importance and relevance of Chastity.

Years ago, while ministering in a ministry that targeted people in the local community, a stunningly beautiful drug addict who supported her habit through prostitution came seeking assistance.  She was desperate to find relief from the life that rendered her destitute.  After counseling her and praying for her, she surrendered her crack pipe, decided to marry Jesus, and got baptized.  She shared how prostitution became her means of survival.  

She learned from a very young age that most men she encountered would fall head-over-heals in lust for her because of her beauty.  She decided to use her physical beauty as a trap to lure men to pay her for sex once she found herself enthralled in drug addiction.  She had allowed herself surrender her outward beauty to a hideous thought life. 

Had she only encountered Rebekah’s testimony before acting on those thoughts, her life could have been forever changed.  Let’s look at the second trait Rebecca displayed.

Genesis 24:16b  … chaste and modest, and unmarried…

Rebekah revealed through this verse that she was a virgin.  She knew how to maintain her chastity.  This is very important in maintaining overall beauty. If I keep my thought life pure, I will be less likely to entertain fleshly desires.  Oftentimes when one is beautiful on the outside, temptations to fall into lustful sins are greater.  However, in spite of her beauty, Rebekah maintained her virginity.  I’m sure there were many men who would give her attention, yet she recognized one very important factor: that her chastity was the best gift that could be offered to a man.


In this society, young girls are often pressured to give up their virginity by subscribing to the deceptive teaching that to be a virgin is to be immature, a square, or a prude.  This is often perpetuated in the media as well.  Men also put pressure on the gullible young lady who shows interest in them by threatening to leave her if she doesn’t “show her love” by having sex.  But as the expression goes “why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free” is the driving force behind this behavior.  Few men will marry a lady just because they have given their bodies over to them.   As a result of all these pressures we are experiencing the most staggering statistics of STDS to date, and common-law marriages are superseding the legal institution of Marriage that God has ordained.

Despite the pressure of society, the virtuous Rebecca woman understands that the greatest gift she can give to her husband is the gift of her virginity.  She can give the gift of saving herself for him.  This way he will get something from her that no one else has ever received.  Her virtue then becomes his.

But what do you do when you’ve found yourself in the comprising situation of giving up your virginity before you’ve found your Isaac?  The beauty of salvation is that it washes your slate of sin clean.  At this point, you can rededicate your body back to the Lord just as you’ve dedicated your life to Him and trust Him to restore your virginity spiritually.  You can then boldly proclaim that you are a “born again virgin”.  This will afford you the opportunity to offer your husband the gift of the “new you” having never offered up your body to another.  In this you display an inner beauty that outward beauty can never give.


Have you ever seen one of those documentaries in certain parts of the world where men only wear loincloths?  “Loins” are the “private parts” or procreative part of the body. A loincloth is a piece of cloth that is designed to cover procreative organs.  It is in our loins that birthing is produced.  

Not only are we required to keep our bodies pure, it is also important to keep our “vision birthing station” pure as well.  It is through the womb of our spirit that we are to birth vision.  As our bridegroom, Jesus, impregnates us with vision, so it is imperative that we do whatever it takes through the help of the Holy Ghost to keep this birthing station pure and undefiled.

PTL BeltEphesians 6:14 instructs us to stand having “our loins girt about with truth”. The type of cloth God wants us to protect our birthing station is called truth. Our spiritual birthing station must be covered and protected by the truth of God’s word. Otherwise the seed of vision is in jeopardy of being plucked out, tainted, defiled, or worse destroyed as seen through the parable of the sower of the seed.[1]

Many versions of this verse speaks of the “belt of truth”.  The belt of truth can be likened to a chastity belt that was worn by virgins during medieval times. It was designed to keep the birthing station pure and protected. Without truth, abortion of vision, destiny, and/or purpose are at risk of being destroyed.

How do we walk in the truth of God’s word? We profess what He (God’s word) says about us. We not only speak His word. We live His word. Every aspect of our lives should be reflective of what His word says about us. Anything we are saying or doing that is not in alignment with the truth is a lie.

Jesus said “I am … the truth”. To keep our loins pure, we must keep every aspect of our lives in alignment with His will. One cannot claim to walk in truth if one doesn’t know the truth. Truth cannot be embraced until it is known.[2] Conversely, you cannot fully embrace until you get to know Him. To get to know Him isn’t simply praying the prayer of repentance. Just like getting to know anyone else, the only way to get to know Jesus is to spend time with Him. The only way you can spend time with Him is to spend time in His word.

There are people who swear that they know certain celebrities. They have done all the research available to get to know likes, dislikes, habits, moods, and anything else displayed about the individual they crave to know. Some may have even experienced the thrill of handshaking or getting a selfie taken with this self-perceived friend. But do these people really “know” the object of their obsession? No. They only know OF these people. The only way you can truly get to know someone is to spend good quality time with them.

When I meet you for the first time and we only greet and maybe exchange phone numbers, I still don’t really know you personally. After a couple conversations, I can only acknowledge that I am acquainted with you. It takes much more time and many more experiences with you before I can claim you as a true friend. But to know someone intimately requires a lifetime commitment.

Even Apostle Paul acknowledged this truth when after many years of walking with the Lord he uttered these words: “that I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings…”[3] He let us know that after all those years serving the Lord, he still didn’t know Him fully.

The Amplified Version expands on Paul’s knowing him by stating:  “that I may know Him [that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly]…”  This expression of the progression of knowledge reveals the extreme necessity of spending quality time with Jesus.  It is through this quality time spent with the Truth, that we will find ourselves strapping on the chastity belt of Truth, so much so that we find that we never have a need or reason to remove it except in the presence of our Father as we open up and become fully transparent before Him.

Your Homework assignment for this lesson two fold:  The first assignment is for those who have jeopardized their physical chastity.  Simply pray:

Father, I give my physical body over to You fully.  I repent for any sexual sins that may have perverted my body and robbed me of the chastity You would have me to walk in. I thank You for restoring my chastity through Your spirit and I vow to be faithful to You from this day forward, in the powerfully cleansing name of Jesus.  Amen.

The second assignment is for those who desire to purify your spiritual birthing station.  Pray:

Lord Jesus, as I gird my loins about with truth, I vow to walk in the truth of your Word, your Will, and Your Love.  I thank You for being the Truth, and for showing me just how important it is to walk in You.  I will no longer tell lies, walk in lies, or even entertain lies.  You who see my heart know that there is no way I can deceive You, therefore, I will keep the truth as my portion and use that truth to usher in the vision, purpose, and destiny that You have ordained for me in Jesus’ name, AMEN.



[1] Mathew 13:3-9; Mark 4:3-9; Luke 8:5-8

[2] John 8:32

[3] Philippians 3:10

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