“Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved.”

(John 13:23)

Those who lean are those who He loves with a greater affection.[i] When we rest in Jesus’ bosom, we can get so close that we can hear His heart beat and catch His rhythm. When we catch His rhythm we are in tuned with Him like a piano in tuned with a maestro. To hear and feel His heartbeat is to connect with Him and flow in His will.

Johnnie "Dollar" Wooten
Johnnie “Dollar” Wooten

Although ours wasn’t considered a very musical family, a piano was the biggest ornament in our house.  I personally only know how to make noise on it…and it isn’t a joyful noise by any means.  The only one who really knew how to make that piano sing was our Uncle Johnnie.  He mastered that piano so well that he could play the most beautiful music in spite of the fact that several keys were flat.  How much richer would his music have been had the piano been tuned?! 

As the tension on piano strings loosen, the piano becomes out of tune and a tuner is required to retune it.  Likewise, the strings of our intimacy with God sometimes becomes weary and loosens causing our lifestyle of worship and our spiritual ears to become dull and flat.  At these times we no longer have an ear to hear His music. [ii]  It is then that our portion should be to simply go back to our Tuner and allow Him retune us so that we can get back into alignment His will.   His will is the song of our worship. He is the master and the maestro of our praise.

But the strings must first be connected to the piano, then they must be pulled into harmony with the piano and all the other strings for music to come forth.  I like fashion, the strings of our lives must be connected through salvation.  Then we must allow our lives to be pulled into harmony with God and His kingdom.  In doing so, heavenly deposits enter into us as we begin to become ever so sensitive to His voice…the voice of the Maestro, and like the string on that piano, we begin to simply play the music of doing His will as He requests.

There are a variety of factors that causes pianos to go out of tune, Grand_piano_tuning_01most of which are external.  Humidity and temperature changes affects the pitch.  Stretched strings and loose tuning pins causes keys to go flat.  Hard playing also causes tune deterioration.[iii]  Likewise there are so many external conditions we face as Christians that causes us become flat in our faith and out of tune with our Master.

When the piano is tuned, the strings are pulled tighter and tighter together until the right pitch and tone is achieved.  If those strings could talk, I’m sure they’d complain that this is a painful process.  When we allow ourselves to go through the painful process of having our faith pulled and stretched tighter, we ultimately develop the patience necessary to become synchronized with others who are tuned into Him, and our lives will begin to make a melody with Him and be in harmony with His will.[iv] 


A more expensive piano with stronger and durable strings, produces richer music because the strings are more sensitive to the will of the maestro.  The more we grow in God with stronger and more durable faith, the more flexible we become to His will, and the more sensitive we are to His command.

Today I’m excellent at making a whole lot of noise on the piano.  But I greatest desire is to have a lifestyle that makes the sweetest melody in the ear of My Master, My Maestro!



[i] John 21:20

[ii] Revelation 2:7, 11, 17, 29; 3:6, 13, 22

[iii] “Piano Tuning.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 27 June 2015.

[iv] James 1:3

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