Lord, let me walk in Your newness

Let me feel Your touch

Let me see Your glory

Let me embrace Your love

Let me fellowship with Your suffering

Let me be in You and You in me like Christ

Let my eyes touch Your face

Let my ears touch Your heart

Let my lips touch Your nostrils with the sweet aroma of worship

Let me be free

          to draw my mind to Your habitation

          to draw my spirit to Your breath of life

          to draw my body to the cross

          to entwine my love to Yours

Breathe anew into my spirit

Quicken my spirit

Revive my spirit

Rekindle my spirit

Refresh our communion

There I want to abide evermore


          In the bosom of Your love

          In the warm embrace of Your sOnshine

          In the transparency of Your mercy

          In the glow of Your grace

i 1 2 b lyk U            I want to be like You.                   I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU!

Make me over into Your perfect image

          The Image of Your Son

          The image of your Glory

          The image of Your Perfection

I kiss You with the kisses of my lips  

          As we kiss

                    breath of fresh life

                    renewed spirit

                    rightened mind

flows into my bloodstream and I am alive

Hold me Eternal Fire

Engulf me with Your Spirit

Set my soul ablaze with the Zeal of Your Passion

And loose me to spread You everywhere like a wildfire


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