Courtesy of Billy Frank Alexander
Courtesy of Billy Frank Alexander

In Faith Based Favor, Part 1, I explored the necessity of seeking God for the grace necessary to strengthen our faith. Today I’d like to discuss faith based favor in reverse, i.e., how faith activates a greater measure of grace.

Romans 12:6 reveals that we are allotted certain spiritual gifts according to the “grace” (or favor) God grants us. However, the degree to which we operate in those gifts is determined by the level of faith we walk in. When faith is applied, grace kicks in causing the results of our faith to be manifested. This principle is not exclusive to spiritual gifts, but rather to be viewed as a gift in itself that manifests in every area of our lives when applied.

Hebrews Chapter 11 provides us with several examples of the power of faith and what faith can do in our lives if we only tap into God’s grace and apply it.

  1. Faith transcends death. Abel’s blood continued to speak after his death because of his faith.[1]
  2. Faith exempts from death. Enoch’s faith was so strong that he never had to taste death. His portion was to go from life to life. Those who walk in Enoch-like faith during the rapture will also enjoy this feature of faith based favor.[2]
  3. Faith protects from destruction. Noah’s faith kept his family alive through the storm that destroyed the entire earth. This same faith caused Abraham to stand in the gap for Lot sparing him and his family from the total destruction that consumed their cities.[3]
  4. Faith births nations. Barren Sarah, through combined faith with Abraham gave birth to Israel, God’s chosen nation.[4]
  5. Faith passes tests. God tested Abraham’s faith by giving him instructions to do what appeared contradictory to His promises. Abraham’s obedience caused God to stop him before the instructions were fully carried out.[5]
  6. Faith foreshadows the prophetic. Abraham’s faith in God resurrecting his only begotten son of promise foreshadowed God’s actual resurrection of His only begotten son.[6]
  7. Faith invokes prophecy. By faith, Jacob was able to speak of Israel’s departure from Egypt.[7]
  8. Faith preserves life. Moses’ Mother walked in a level of faith that caused her to hide her son at the expense of her own life. Neither died and she was favored with the opportunity to raise (wean) her own child.[8]
  9. Faith eradicates fear. Moses’ Mother knew that God’s commandment was of greater value than that of Pharaoh, so she acted in faith, not allowing herself to be driven by fear.[9]
  10. Faith rejects  perceived cultural benefits at all costs. Moses rejected the privileged elite life of the Egyptians in favor of “affliction” and sufferings of the people of the God He had faith in.[10]
  11. Faith exchanges temporal comfort for eternal wealth. Moses considered the riches of his coming Messiah to be worth rejecting current Egyptian wealth. He was not afraid become the subject of ridicule and persecution in exchange for the greater hope of eternal abundant life in Christ Jesus.[11]
  12. Faith produces obedience. Faith caused Moses to obey God’s laws before they were ever even written.[12]
  13. Faith fights battles and produces victories. Pharaoh’s army drowned by the same sea that the Israelites escaped through.[13]
  14. Faith grants passage. The Israelites were given passage through a sea that had to give way for them (the cloud and fire of His glory being their “all access pass”).[14] Likewise, faith gives us the capability to pass through the valley of the shadow of death without fearing any evil. This is because we know that He who is with us has given us an “all access pass” so that we will not perish. Instead we will gain entrance into our next level of destiny where we will find God’s prepared table for us.
  15. Faith converts destroyers into protectors. The waters that destroyed the Egyptians became the very protection that rescued the Israelites from their enemies.[15]
  16. Faith tears down destiny barricades. The walls of Jericho, originally designed to protect the inhabitants therein were also the barricades designed to keep the Israelites from entering their Promised Land. Through faith, the barricades that should have hindered their destiny crumbled.[16]
  17. Faith conquers cities for God’s people. Jericho was the first of several cities that was laid siege and overtaken by God’s chosen one.[17]
  18. Faith creates sacrifices that births kings. Rahab sacrificed her potential welfare and that of her family to save the spies. Had she been caught harboring these fugitives, certain death would have been her portion. Faith’s reward was her marriage to Salman who gave birth to Boaz, the great grandfather of King David, in the ancestral line of King Jesus.[18]
  19. Faith endures torment and pain. The mental anguish of losing a child can be unbearable. This must have been the type of pain the widow woman in 1 Kings 17:17-22  suffered. But faith resurrected her dead child. Paul’s stoning did not quench his faith in Acts 14:19-20.[19]
  20. Faith does much, much more. Faith subdues kingdoms, brings forth righteousness, ushers in the receipt of promises, stops lions’ mouths, quenches fire, creates ways of escape, strengthens the weak, wins wars, causes enemies to flee, endures mocking, flogging, beatings and imprisonment, stoning, brutal deaths, torment, and destitution.[20]

These are just a few example of what faith has done in the lives of those often affectionately called the “heroes of faith”.  What has your faith done for you lately?




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