The Ultimate Language Of Love

Photo provided by: Muriel Miralles de Sawicki
Photo provided by: Muriel Miralles de Sawicki

What language would you consider the most romantic?  I decided to google this just to get an idea of the average opinion on “The Top Tens List”.[1] Of course the poll was not scientific, but the findings were quite interesting.

I’ve always heard that French was “the language of love”.  After all, what sounds better than “je t’aime”?  But interestingly enough, it wasn’t ranked #1.

During my college years, I worked as an intern.  My manager was a very handsome older Greek man. I never thought much of him until the day I said something funny and he laughingly said, “Sharon, Sharon, Sharon” in his Greek accent.  OMG!  I almost melted.  I don’t know that I ever saw him in the same light after that. Whenever I would see him I would think “Please, just say my name!  Say my name!”  But low and behold, Greek wasn’t even among the top ten.  So much for “se agapợ”

To my surprise, the language that beat all others in The Top Tens List was Spanish.  Can You say “Te Amo”?  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with the heavy Spanish influence within the United States.  But I’m sorry, that one just doesn’t work for me.

If I had to choose another language to say “I love you” to the Lover of my soul, I’d have to choose Zulu.  Although I don’t know much Zulu, it sounds so beautiful and melodic to me.  It’s a bit complex for the average westerner I’m sure, but just to hear “Ngiyakuthanda” is like music to my ears.  So I’d have to say that’s my #1 choice based on the languages I’m familiar with.

With that said, have you ever shifted into a level of praise so deep that you found yourself at a loss for words?  Have you ever wanted to just praise God in your own words, with your own vocabulary, without relying on lyrics from great songs written and sung by others?  We often sing songs with lyrics like “If I had a thousand tongues…”  And how often do we say things like “words can’t express my love for you”, or “words can’t express my gratitude”?  What do you do when you run out of words?

I found myself in a quandary over this not long ago, so I decided to bring my predicament before my Daddy.  He never ceases to dazzle me with His love and the goodness that He bestows upon me, so I really wanted to express my gratitude.  I became frustrated because I literally could not find enough words to even begin to express the joy, the love, and the adoration I had for Him.

That’s when I began to ask Him to give me a more extensive vocabulary just so I could “knock His socks off” with my praise.  Nothing I came up with measured up, so on that fateful day, while in the throes of frustration, I began to cry out for more words to express my feelings. Although His reply seemed simple, it knocked my socks off instead.  He simply said, “That’s what tongues are for”.

OMG!  Was I floored or what???  But while I may have felt more like one of the family members cheering their father on in the game show Family Feud with “good answer, good answer”, in my heart, I just wasn’t satisfied.  In my usual argumentative fashion, I couldn’t just settle for such a profound revelation and be at peace with it.  I almost felt like He had cheated a little bit.

My reply:  “That’s not fair because I don’t know what those words mean.  I want to know exactly what I’m saying to you.”  In other words, I wanted to “have my cake and eat it too”, as the expression goes.  I wanted to praise Him my way.  But my way can NEVER measure up.  My way will only impede His way.

I’m just glad that Jesus declared “I am the way, the truth, and the Life”.[2]  Since Jesus IS the WAY, I eventually lost the argument (as I always do with my Dad), and surrendered my way to His.  At that point, I entered a new level of worship and had the sweetest rendezvous with my Lord.

Many of us already know that tongues is the heavenly prayer language God has promised the believer.[3]  We know it is a gift of the spirit.[4]  We know it is a powerful warfare tool.[5]  But how many times do we consider just speaking His language back to Him? Everyone loves to be spoken to in their native tongue.  

I challenge you to just take 10 minutes right now or as soon as you can get some alone time and tell Him how you really feel about Him using THE ULTIMATE LANGUAGE OF LOVE.



[2] John 14:6

[3] Acts 2:4, Acts 2:38

[4] 1 Corinthians 12:10

[5] Ephesians 6:10-18

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Language Of Love

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  2. This is Awesome. It is truly special when God’s word allows His people to be on one accord. My experience in 2011 went pretty much the same way. I desired to know more words to express my love for Him only to be told “that is what your tongues are for. My Holy Spirit makes utterance for you so that you know that you know that I am dwelling with you and pleased to be talking to you.” How much greater can my vocabulary get! Keep on encouraging and uplifting with the words you do know because God is truly using you to get His word across!

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