The Rebekah Factor: Characteristics Of A Wife In Waiting


Throughout the globe, there are countless numbers of single Christian women who are believing God for a husband.  Many claim that God told them who their husband is, or that it is God’s will for them to be married.  Clinging to that hope, they wait for that blessed day when God ushers their proverbial Boaz into their lives.  I’m sure that in most instances, these women who are waiting for their “dream” husband are doing just that…waiting. Have you ever asked yourself, “why does there seem to be an endless delay from the time we begin to believe God for marriage and the time that we receive God’s gift of marriage?”

I know of many women who have found themselves miserably married because they didn’t follow God’s protocol but rather chose to settle.  Reasons cited:  “my biological clock is ticking”, or “I just want companionship”.  Or how about this one:  “I need someone to minister to all my flesh”.   So in hot pursuit for what they desire to be their knight in shining armor, they later discover that they have settled for a wimp in a tin can.

On the flip side of the coin,  I know many men who live a life of regret because when they “picked their rose”, they didn’t realize the importance of making sure the thorns were cut off before taking it home with them.  I once heard brother who was obviously in a state of wedded blizzard say “this is just my lot in life.”  In his mind, he knew he was stuck in the mud of a marriage that would never make it to the land of happily ever after.

My question to all you women who are patiently (or in some cases, impatiently) waiting is: what are you doing to prepare for that man that you so crave? Do you really think you’re ready?  Wouldn’t you just love to meet someone who has found the answer to these questions?  Someone who has vowed to educate any lady who is willing to learn?

Well, I know just that person and I would love to introduce you to her.  This young lady is guaranteed to take your focus away from the endless delay and place it squarely on properly preparing you so that when the time comes, you won’t be found with your works undone.

Please allow me to introduce you to a card carrying member of the “I was a pre-bride wife” club.  Reader, meet Rebekah, daughter of Lemuel, wife of Isaac, and Mother of Israel.[1]  How is Rebekah any different from any other daughter, wife, or mother?  Not much at all.  She is a woman just like any other woman.  But what makes her stand apart is her ability to be a wife before she is ever married.

Ok, now don’t have a cow.  I’m sure you are wondering, “How in the world can an unmarried woman be a wife?”  Well Proverbs 18:22 provides with the first piece of this puzzle.  It says ““He who finds a [true] wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord” (AMP).  I didn’t say this would be the answer.  I just said it’s the first piece of the puzzle.

Before your husband can ever find you and be abundantly blessed with the favor that God has promised him, you must already be a wife.  The true man of God is looking for a wife, not a single woman waiting to become a wife.  If I am not a wife, my husband will NEVER FIND ME.  So how do I become a wife if I’m not physically married to a man?  Well, let us start with one key basic truth:  The moment we gave our lives to Christ, we said “I Do” to Him.  We became His bride.  But because we do not physically see Him, it becomes very difficult to see ourselves as married.  Therefore we do not conduct ourselves like the married woman.  As a result we will fall for any “Tom, Dick, or Thabo” that comes our way whispering not-so-sweet nothings in our ears.

But what we can glean from Rebekah is that she has displayed some very distinctive character traits that prepared her for Isaac before they ever met.  She carried herself like a wife.  She was indeed a wife in waiting.  And this is what God wants for each of His daughters in Zion who has said “I Do” to Him but yet longs to say “I do” to someone they can consider just a bit more tangible.

To become more acquainted with Rebekah and hear her story for yourself, I’d encourage you to read her blog.  I can promise you it’s a lot more exciting than this one. It can be found in the 24th chapter of the book of Genesis .

Now, let’s begin our first class simply entitled “Wife-In-Waiting Training: Characteristic #1

And the girl was very beautiful and attractive…(Genesis 24:16a, AMP)

Characteristic #1:  Walk in beauty.

It is important that the wife-in-waiting learn to walk in beauty.  Now before you say “I’ve already got that one down pat,” consider this:  If your current husband isn’t tangible, then I’m not talking about tangible beauty.  Physical beauty often results in carnal temptations.  But the beauty of spirit woos the Lover of your soul ever so softly into your bosom.

So how does this beautification process begin?  The psalmist in Psalm 149:4 gives us the first clue in one simple word: salvation.  Salvation is a process.  We are saved from sin through the new birth, but maintaining our salvation requires warfare.  We are to protect the beauty God gave us through our new birth by adorning our heads with the helmet of salvation.[2]  One of the most strategic areas that the enemy targets is our mind.  To guard against these onslaughts, we must keep our mind protected by bringing our thought life under subjection to the Holy Ghost.  This is done by “casting down imaginations” (or reasonings), and bringing our entire thought life into captivity.[3]  This can only be done through maintaining a pure thought life by keeping all our thoughts under the spotlight of the Word of God.  God has given us the power to bring any impure thought under subjection to His will.  As long as we keep our minds pure, we will find ourselves walking in the beauty required to call forth our spouses.

Are you feeling beautiful within today?  Are you struggling with negative thoughts that seem to be bombarding your mind?  Well, here’s your homework assignment.

Repeat after me.   Thought, since you are raising yourself against the knowledge of Christ, I bind and destroy you in Jesus’ Name!  I am taking you captive and you MUST OBEY CHRIST in Jesus’ Name!!!!  AMEN

Stay tuned for Characteristic #2.

[1] Genesis 22:23, 24:67, 25:21-26

[2] Ephesians 6:17

[3] 2 Corinthians 10:4-5

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