Tapping Into The Image Of Christ


Who doesn’t just adore watching a beautiful sunset, or gazing upon the moon during those infrequent evenings that it seems to appear larger than life?  The soft lights of these images  only serve to bring us to a place of soothing tranquility.   These are the very images that couples so love to embrace together.  Now I’d like to invite you into a spiritually soothing state of tranquility as you tap into the image of the Lover of your soul…

Have you ever noticed that when two people are together for a very long time, it’s not uncommon for others to begin to see a resemblance between them?  Oftentimes, their mannerisms began to conform to one another’s while they form a culture that is unique to the family they create.  I’d like to call this phenomenon “imagery projection”.  As the image of the beloved is projected into his lover, she begins to become more and more like him.  She becomes the light of his life as she reflects his radiance.

The light of the moon is the reflection of the sun upon it.  Our light should reflect the image of the SON Jesus Christ.  In other words, He should light us up.  As Saint John so eloquently stated, we should decrease so that He can increase (John 3:30).  But how do we turn on that light?  How do we allow the light of God’s goodness to shine in our lives?  Through our worship.

 Have you ever asked yourself what the difference between praise and worship is?  We often talk about praise and worship as if they are one and the same.  But to tap into worship is to push past praise and inter into intimacy for praise is mere adoration, but worship is intimacy.  The greater your level of intimacy with the Father, the greater the degree of worship you have entered into.  So let’s contrast praise and worship:


  1. Anyone can praise Him, but only those who are in Him can worship Him[i]
  2. You can praise apart from worship, but you cannot worship apart from praise.[ii]
  3. Praise invites Him to come, but worship invites Him to stay[iii]
  4. Praise ushers in His presence, but worship ushers in His habitation
  5. Praise acknowledges Him as God, but worship reveres Him as MY GOD
  6. Praise keeps you aware of Him, but worship keeps you faithful to Him
  7. We do praise with our lips, but we do worship with our lives.[iv]


The number 7 is the prophetic number of perfection so perfect your praise by entering into worship.  My desire for you is that you shift from a place of praise into a habitation that He can dwell in through the vehicle called a “lifestyle of worship”.  My desire is that this article ignites the fire of worship within you, but the fire of your true worship must spread far beyond this page and reach into every area of your life.  Let worship overtake you.  Let Worship consume you.  Let worship become you, and you will begin to express the very image of the Source or your worship.



[i] Psalm 150:6, John 4:23-24

[ii] Psalm 100:4, John 4:23-24

[iii] Revelation 3:20

[iv] Hebrews 13:15

2 thoughts on “Tapping Into The Image Of Christ

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