Expressing The Image Of God


We were created in the image of God, but due to sin, that image became distorted. Christ, being the expressed image of the Father[i] sent from heaven to reconcile us back to God, has His arms outstretched welcoming us to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.[ii]  The Worship Factor is designed shed light on how we too can become like Christ, the Expressed Image of God through factoring worship into our lives.

Jesus Christ is the very expressed image of God. When we see Jesus, we see the Father[iii]. Jesus has declared that He is in the Father, we are in Him and He is in Us.[iv] Therefore if we are in the body of Christ, the world should see Christ in us, The Hope Of Glory.[v] Our very lives should ignite a hope in others to receive this Glory, that of the only begotten of the Father.[vi]

If Jesus is the expressed image of the Father, and we say we are His disciples, we must examine our lives using the Lord Jesus Christ as our yardstick. Ask yourself, “When others see me, who do they see? Do they see a reflection of the world, or do they see Jesus?” If Jesus is truly living inside of us, others should see His reflection in our mirror. A tree is only known based on the fruit it bears. By bearing the fruit of righteousness through faith, we begin to express His image, the image of our one and only Lord, Saviour, God, and King. In order to reflect His image, we must first tap into that image.  In the days to come we will explore factors of worship that will enhance our expression of His Image.  Meanwhile, ask yourself, “What image am I expressing?”



[i] Colossians 1:15

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[v] Colossians 1:27

[vi] John 1:14

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